The Tokyo Metropolitan University Department of Biological Science launched the website for its COIL (Co-operative Online International Learning) program in 2018. This program grew out of the Department of Biology’s English program, which was itself initiated in 2015 and will see its first graduates – who have completed their degrees entirely in English – in early 2019.

The program builds upon existing relationships with international laboratories. A new forum for exchange between staff and students was built in the form of this website in 2018. The website uses membership-only access for security and peace-of-mind, so that students can interact without interruption.

The site was developed by Intersat (neted.com.au), using their Universal Access Framework, so that access can be effected anywhere, anytime, with any internet-capable device. Such flexibility is crucial given the diversity of access approaches by the modern internet user, and facilitates interactions through providing the opportunity to view, comment or contribute while outside of the office or classroom.


Program aims

The COIL program seeks to exploit the global connectivity of the internet and ready access afforded by mobile services (smartphone, wifi) to offer a truly global interactive experience to our students. This will provide them with the experience and skills required to interface with the global scientific community.

The goals of this program are five-fold:

  • Provide students in the English program with opportunities to interact directly with foreign students
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas in the broadest possible perspective which maintaining focus on specific themes pertinent to student study needs
  • Act as a forum for exchange of the latest scientific knowledge and know-how
  • Help foster relationships between staff and students in laboratories overseas to help develop global awareness and generate interest in, and opportunity for, student exchange
  • Provide a constructive and intimidation-free environment via peer-to-peer exchange


Current partners involved in the COIL program are:

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

State University of New York, USA

California State University, USA

Western Sydney University, Australia



We welcome contact from students and staff interested in participating in the COIL program. It is hoped that the current nucleus will act as a nexus for the development of a broader interaction network involving multiple global partners.

For further information please contact Assoc. Prof. Kanae Ando or Assoc. Prof. Adam Cronin (TMU Department of Biology website).